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Cookstoves Project Review 2012

Loose biomass stoveFor the past three years, DHE has developed and distributed improved cook stoves in the Kigoma region of western Tanzania in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. The rocket stove project, in particular, has been extremely successful in building over 10,000 stoves in 26 villages. During the spring and summer of 2012, a total of seven students travelled on two separate trips to Arusha to assess the feasibility of briquetting and loose biomass stove projects in the region. DHE ultimately decided to partner with two local NGOs: one for its briquetting project and another for its loose biomass stove project.

Moving forward, DHE plans to research and optimize the briquette making process. Students on campus are working on designing a biomass grinder and chemical pre-processor to speed up the decomposition of agricultural wastes for use in briquettes. While DHE conducts qualitative user testing in Tanzania, the Bioenergy Project group plans to use resources at Thayer to conduct quantitative tests to determine the fuel efficiency and amount of particulate matter released by the loose biomass stove. Furthermore, we would like to compare the energy content of different briquette mixtures.

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