Pyrolyzer Work Team Makes First Moves

A small group meet this afternoon to work on the pyrolyzer. Tasks completed:

  • primary door was made and intended location was marked on barrel
  • holes and round stock was prepared for the grate support to suspend the biomass above the primary air door
  • holes for secondary air were marked with future hole modifications in mind

Goals for next work session (probably Thursday morning):

  • weld primary air door to hinge and hinge to barrel
  • use plasma torch to cut primary air opening at the base of the barrel
  • weld supports for grate to barrel
  • plasma torch the hole in the barrel lid for the chimney
  • drill holes for secondary air into the chimney

And then the first version of DHE pyrolysis kiln will be ready for a test run!

Published by

James Kennedy

James is the current head of DHE's Bioenergy project. He began his work in stove design but now is more interested in biofuel production and methods for making renewable resource harvesting sustainable.

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