What’s going on this week in DHE?

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Marketing and Development continues to work on letters to the USAID and will soon be meeting with professors to seek funding from the National Science Foundation.  Also, DHE was just accepted to the second round of the 2013 CleanTech Challenge!

Biogas will continue daily monitoring of our bench scale food waste tests. At next week’s meeting, we will add material inlets and outlets to our 55 gallon digester.

This week the Bioenergy Project discussed Tanzanian cooking styles and fuel use. We watched an informative video from IDEO.org, and we encourage members to follow this link  to learn more about cooking styles in Tanzania. Remember to send in trip applications by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 2/6!

This week, Hydro split into Mechanical and Civil subgroups. The Mechanical group focused on ordering parts for a new turbine while the Civil group learned how to compute dimensions for open channel flow of a specified flow rate as well as the sizing of a settling tank. We also have been sand casting using our new manual bellows and are producing usable buckets. We look forward to making a turbine out of buckets cast using sand casting techniques we’ve developed.

Impact Analysis spent this week’s meeting discussing ways to assess briquetting and other Bioenergy initiatives on the ground in Tanzania. However, we also spent a good deal of time reflecting upon ways to assess DHE on an organizational level, considering impact by and upon all members involved. We were lucky enough to hear about past trips and evolving project goals from Annie and Kim, and will continue discussions and survey development next week.

Don’t forget to turn in your applications for travel! Apps due this Wednesday for Bioenergy and the following Wednesday for Hydro.
This Week in DHE (2/5/13)

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