Land Grabs for Biofuels

I’m going to do a shout out to Daniel Bornstein (Dartmouth ’14) who wrote a very interesting article on land grabs in Africa for the purpose of producing exportable biofuels. This is a huge issue as it challenges farmers’ independence and the production sustenance¬†crops. DHE’s Bioenergy Project wants to work with current farmers to figure out ways to meet their energy needs which remain overlooked as they lack international profit potential. Even so, this energy shortage must be met and will be to the determent of the weakening ecologies if resources are not harvested¬†sustainably. We look forward to Dan working with the 13X team that will travel to Tanzania this summer.

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James Kennedy

James is the current head of DHE's Bioenergy project. He began his work in stove design but now is more interested in biofuel production and methods for making renewable resource harvesting sustainable.

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