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Beginnings in Banda

We arrived in Banda on Wednesday, tired by our five and a half hour journey from Kigali in a crowded car, but excited to finally reach our home for the summer. As our car descended the final few kilometers into Banda on a road that managed to consist primarily of potholes, we finally gleaned our […]

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To Build a Tanuru

Time to get our hands (and some pants) dirty. During our meeting with Naomie on Tuesday, she pointed out a space in the EARD-CI yard where we could construct our tanuru, our kiln for making charcoal. With EARD-CI generously providing the space for our kiln, we had only to gather the materials and our engineering […]

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We’re Finally Here! But First, Our Path to Banda…

Muraho! Hello! I’m Shinri Kamei, a ’16 and a prospective electrical engineer from Japan. I’m a part of hydro’s travel team to Rwanda this summer, along with Joey Anthony ’12, June Shangguan ’13, Max Sloan ’13, Alison Polton-Simon ’14, and Sophie Sheeline ’16. We’ve been in Rwanda for almost a week now, and we’re currently […]

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Our New Home in Arusha

Our love for the wonderful city of Dar es Salaam has been rivaled by the beautiful views, fresh air, and rural landscape of the Arusha region. We are staying about a twenty minute drive from the Arusha center in the town Leganga, and have been enjoying our new home since our arrival on Saturday. After […]

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Swahili classes and culture

[Written by Emily Li] Habari za maisha? Greetings from the bioenergy travel team. We have been in Dar Es Salaam for the past week, and just got to Arusha this afternoon. During the week, we studied Swahili in the morning with two teachers Mama Saada and Godfrey Allen, set up by the Dickey Center. Swahili […]

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Safe Travels and Good Times

I am excited to report here that  my three travel companions and I are all safe and well in Dar es Salaam. In fact, we’ve been safe and sound here since Saturday. But before I get into where we are now, and explain why our feet and stomachs ache, the former from walking and the […]

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Meet the Travelers

After a year of working with briquettes, pyrolysis, and all things fuel, the DHE bioenergy project is getting ready to fly to Tanzania for the summer! In Tanzania we will be continuing our work with briquetting and biochar production through our work with several NGOs and local communities. We hope to facilitate an exchanging of […]

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