The 14W Tanzania Travel Team has been working together since October 2013 and has done a lot to get to this point.  We are all so excited to have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania to continue the work on DHE’s Bioenergy project.  While in Tanzania, we hope to help share information with our partners while simultaneously learning from them.  We also plan to help establish connections between our different partners in order to form a briquetting association and support network.  Finally, we hope to be able to interview and speak with our partners in order to learn and measure the impact that DHE has had in the Arusha region.  Past travel teams have done great work before us, and we hope to help the project progress even further.

Our team is so excited for this trip and we hope to reflect that in this blog.  We will be writing about our work in Arusha as well as our adventures, the people we meet, the places we see and of course, the many things that we will learn!



Anna Miller

Anna is a sophomore mechanical engineering student from Anchorage, Alaska. In DHE, she loves being able to experience the real-world application of engineering skills, particularly human centered design. She is incredibly excited to learn from and work with DHE’s partners in Tanzania, and discover how knowledge gained on campus translates into local implementation. She also really, really wants to see a giraffe, a gerenuk, and a baobab tree. Outside of DHE, Anna loves to read, play contact sports, and explore outside.


Frank Zhang

Frank (class of 2015) is a chemistry/economics double major from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  He became involved with DHE during his freshman year working to improve the loose biomass stove through principles motivated by human centered design.  Since then, he has continued to work with the Bioenergy Project, whose current focus on fuel briquetting borrows aspects from its spiritual ancestor in regards to the carbonization process.  Though more accustomed to studying biological systems, he is very excited to have the opportunity to work with the current travel team to investigate the more technical aspects of a briquetting operation, such as the flow of mass and energy and its economic feasibility.  The hope is to share DHE’s knowledge with other like-minded Tanzanians to promote energy security and environmental sustainability.  Outside of DHE, Frank spends his time as a research assistant and enjoys drawing.


Peter Lobel

Peter is a ’16 and an engineering major from Albany, New York.  As the finance and capacity building leader for the travel team this winter, he looks forward to collaborating with our partners in Tanzania and learning how to best share information across cultures.  Peter was lured to the Bioenergy project because of its focus on working with real people in a personal way to improve lives in their community; you don’t get that experience in the physics classroom.  Peter also certainly won’t be complaining about the 90-degree temperature swing from Hanover to Arusha!


Sammie Weaver

Sammie is a ’16 from Bowie, Maryland who is majoring in Sociology with an International Studies minor.  She has only recently been involved with DHE (since 13F) and was attracted to the humanitarian work.  However, she has enjoyed learning so much about the engineering side as well.  She has worked with an international development group as well as an environmental group before and is excited to be working on a project with similar goals.  In the group, she is the lead for Communications and Impact Analysis and looks forward to learning more about the operations that DHE’s Tanzanian partners are running and the progress they have made.  Sammie loves adventures and loves to travel and is so excited for this great opportunity to go somewhere new and learn!



Meet the 14W Travel Team

6 thoughts on “Meet the 14W Travel Team

  • January 27, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    We are so excited to have DHE Team in Arusha again…… Looking forward to see you shortly.
    Violet Ayoub

    • February 1, 2014 at 4:03 pm

      Yeah Violet! This is a great group. Please welcome them they way you welcomed us. There is a lot of exciting work to be done for sure.


  • February 2, 2014 at 6:59 am

    Great to meet you, Anna, Frank, Peter and Sammie! Can’t wait to hear more about your bioenergy project, adventures and travel stories from Tanzania.


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