Congratulations to DHE for having three papers published in Procedia Engineering this September!

Check out and download the papers here:

“Implementing Pico-hydropower Sites in Rural Rwanda”

“Targeting Briquetting as an Alternative Fuel Source in Tanzania”

“SafaPani: A House Electrocoagulation Arsenic Water Filter for Nepal and Other Developing Countries” 

If you’re interested in learning more about Procedia Engineering; the Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems, and Global Impact 2014 (HumTech 2014); and the social impact that DHE’s colleagues are having around the world, check out the entire Volume 78 of Procedia Engineering

Congrats again to all involved and well done DHE!

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Scott Gladstone

I am a Dartmouth College '15 currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Economics. I have worked with Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering (DHE) since Fall 2011 and am currently the Director of Development. In this capacity, I lead efforts to raise DHE's profile on a national scale, find opportunities for large-scale external funding, and network with experts in global health and social entrepreneurship around the world.

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