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Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering was founded in response to a simultaneous demand for service and engineering opportunities abroad and the growing need for global poverty reduction through small-scale localized and sustainable solutions.

In 2004, students at Dartmouth started to work under the umbrella of Engineers Without Borders (EWB). The national EWB provided an opportunity for hands-on engineering experience through service to the global community. Membership grew quickly, and with the support of the Thayer School of Engineering, the group established itself as its own independent student-run organization, HELP (Humanitarian Engineering Leadership Projects).

The group has since developed new technology solutions, expanded its work to new regions, and diversified its membership by bringing in students from a variety of disciplines. In the summer of 2010 the group officially changed its name to DHE (Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering) and added the tagline “Collaborative Solutions for Communities Worldwide.” The name and logo emphasize the organization’s focus on community involvement and long-term sustainability.

In 2014, DHE was published inĀ Procedia Engineering for its work deliveringĀ small-scale hydroelectric power to rural Rwanda, developing briquette-driven alternative energy solutions in Tanzania, and designing an early-stage arsenic filtration system in Nepal.

Today DHE has approximately 50 student members and a continually expanding group of active alumnae.