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About Frank Zhang

Frank (class of 2015) is a chemistry/economics double major from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He became involved with DHE during his freshman year working to improve the loose biomass stove through principles motivated by human centered design. Since then, he has continued to work with the Bioenergy Project, whose current focus on fuel briquetting borrows aspects from its spiritual ancestor in regards to the carbonization process. Though more accustomed to studying biological systems, he is very excited to have the opportunity to work with the current travel team to investigate the more technical aspects of a briquetting operation, such as the flow of mass and energy and its economic feasibility. The hope is to share DHE’s knowledge with other like-minded Tanzanians to promote energy security and environmental sustainability. Outside of DHE, Frank spends his time as a research assistant and enjoys drawing.

Markets, TLUDs, and Peanuts

Hello friends back home! Though we are quickly nearing the end of our time here in Tanzania, work with the partners has been keeping us just as busy as ever. With just one more week left on the trip itinerary, we are scurrying back and forth every day to ensure that each group is in […]

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The Boys Venture to Dar es Salaam

Jambo friends! Peter and I traveled to Dar es Salaam this past Tuesday, February 4th. After an hour long taxi ride, we became well acquainted with the city’s traffic-jammed streets filled with vendors weaving between trapped vehicles and peddling everything from peanuts to giant stuffed animals to the unhappy drivers. Eventually, we made it to […]

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