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Reflecting on a fabulous summer

The team has spent these last few days facilitating final capacity building sessions and wishing the groups the best before completing our work this summer in Arusha. While we are nostalgic about leaving a place we have grown so fond of and many people who have welcomed us so warmly, we look back on an […]

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It is like Christmas in Tanzania

Times flies. DHE also flies. Last weekend (define weekend as Thursday to Sunday), we traveled to Kigoma by very shaky airplanes to visit the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). This summer, Sarah and Pallavi from Dartmouth were working as public relations interns with JGI so we had a nice time catching up with them. For those […]

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Briquetting both Old and New

Hello again! Wow, it feels like a while since I’ve written here and it certainly feels like a lot has happened. Before I dive into the more official updates I would like to mention that my dad and my brother took advantage of my stay here in Arusha to come visit and see a bit […]

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DHE and Scientific American

DHE’s in the news again! The Tanzania travel team has been featured on Scientific American’s website, under the blog section. If you’d like to learn more, please check out the posting!

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Trials of Communication

Communication with Tanzanians who speak limited English is a tricky balance between talking down to people and expecting too much of an understanding of English. Heat measurement devices, for instance, are difficult to explain. We were preparing to light our kiln on Friday while a VICOBA meeting took place in the other corner of the […]

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Kiln 2.0 and Improved Briquettes

I’m happy to report that all is well here in Leganga! We have made solid progress on the project and have also been continuing to enjoy our home here in Leganga. Recent discoveries include a great local restaurant, an interesting road that wanders through town, and some unfamiliar— but delicious— vegetables at the local market. […]

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It is all about the Vision

I can’t believe it is already the fourth week that we are in Tanzania. I hope everyone is having a great summer either working, studying (hi sophomore summer!), or relaxing! Last weekend, we kept ourselves quite busy. Allow me to start from the beginning. On Saturday, we headed into Arusha town to do mzungu stuff. First thing […]

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Kiln to Briquettes

To begin where we left off, last weekend we busted out of Leganga and headed to Moshi for a change of scenery. On Saturday morning we caught a daladala on the Moshi-Nairobi Highway, and an hour and half later we were passing by the Coca-Cola sponsored clock tower on the north side of town. Every […]

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To Build a Tanuru

Time to get our hands (and some pants) dirty. During our meeting with Naomie on Tuesday, she pointed out a space in the EARD-CI yard where we could construct our tanuru, our kiln for making charcoal. With EARD-CI generously providing the space for our kiln, we had only to gather the materials and our engineering […]

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Our New Home in Arusha

Our love for the wonderful city of Dar es Salaam has been rivaled by the beautiful views, fresh air, and rural landscape of the Arusha region. We are staying about a twenty minute drive from the Arusha center in the town Leganga, and have been enjoying our new home since our arrival on Saturday. After […]

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