Italy tours

Huancano Yachaywasi

  For the past four days, our team has stayed at the lovely Huancano Yachaywasi. This eco-technology demonstration center developed by ProSynergy is three hours southwest of Lima, near Pisco, Peru. It is home to about 50 different agricultural and energy technologies, ranging from a hydraulic ram pump and aquaponic greenhouse to wind and solar […]

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Greetings from Peru!

Greetings from Peru! Our team arrived in Lima, Peru on Monday evening, and we have been off to a running start. Thus far we have met with four organizations: Practical Action, Turbinas 3HC, Grupo PUCP, and ProSynergy. Practical Action (Soluciones Practicas) is a UK-based international NGO which aims to reduce poverty by improving access to […]

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Off to Peru!

Tomorrow afternoon, four DHE students will be departing for Peru to assess two potential Hydropower sites, as well as to meet with three possible partners. The trip will last until the 19th of December and is meant to be the club’s introduction to Peru. We will be blogging while in country, and after  – to […]

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Introducing Rick

He was the fairy godmother that the powers that be bestowed upon us. Rick Masumbuko showed up one day in the middle of the Banda market and introduced himself to a mzungu that was just walking by. Sophie showed up to Kigogo that day with an unfamiliar face in tow. “This is Rick!” she called […]

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DHE Presents to High School Students

Last week, DHE was able to welcome a group of St. Paul’s School summer programs students to campus. The group of students and program coordinators listened to DHE’s summer Hydropower Leader and summer Bioenergy Leader discuss their respective projects and DHE as a whole. After these presentations, Hunter van Adelsberg, the Bioenergy Project Leader, was […]

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Civil Works at Kigogo

Once we got back from Kigali with all the materials (and Alison!) we made some final touches on the system at Kigogo and reopened it for business. I’ll explain some of the problems of the system and how we went about solving them. The main civil works issues that Kigogo had when we arrived in […]

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Jean Baptiste’s Wedding

This afternoon, one of our site operators got married. Jean Baptiste, or JB, as we call him, is twenty-two and works both the day and night shifts at Kigogo. He had invited us to his wedding within the first few days of our arriving in Banda. Unfortunately work at Nyiragasigo kept us from attending the […]

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How a Hydro Site Works

I realized as I was writing a post about civil works construction that it might be good to refresh the readers on the technical workings of our hydro systems. To briefly explain, we have two pico hydro sites in Banda, Rwanda and one in Rugote, Rwanda, each of which generate under 1kW of continuous electrical […]

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Don’t Expensive Us!: Shopping in Kigali

While our concrete structures (which I’ll explain in the next post) were drying at the Kigogo site, Max and I traveled to Kigali with Pete, our Rwandan foreman, to buy several materials and pick up Alison from the airport. Up to that point, we had stuck to our aggressive project timeline, but after a few […]

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Check Out New Posts and Photos!

Hey everyone, thanks for being patient in waiting for hydropower blog updates. Internet in Banda is obviously not the best, but I just completed my stay in Rwanda a week ago and am now traveling in Europe with some legitimate Internet. I’ll be putting up several new posts to get you all caught up, and […]

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