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Introducing Rick

He was the fairy godmother that the powers that be bestowed upon us. Rick Masumbuko showed up one day in the middle of the Banda market and introduced himself to a mzungu that was just walking by. Sophie showed up to Kigogo that day with an unfamiliar face in tow. “This is Rick!” she called […]

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Civil Works at Kigogo

Once we got back from Kigali with all the materials (and Alison!) we made some final touches on the system at Kigogo and reopened it for business. I’ll explain some of the problems of the system and how we went about solving them. The main civil works issues that Kigogo had when we arrived in […]

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Jean Baptiste’s Wedding

This afternoon, one of our site operators got married. Jean Baptiste, or JB, as we call him, is twenty-two and works both the day and night shifts at Kigogo. He had invited us to his wedding within the first few days of our arriving in Banda. Unfortunately work at Nyiragasigo kept us from attending the […]

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How a Hydro Site Works

I realized as I was writing a post about civil works construction that it might be good to refresh the readers on the technical workings of our hydro systems. To briefly explain, we have two pico hydro sites in Banda, Rwanda and one in Rugote, Rwanda, each of which generate under 1kW of continuous electrical […]

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Don’t Expensive Us!: Shopping in Kigali

While our concrete structures (which I’ll explain in the next post) were drying at the Kigogo site, Max and I traveled to Kigali with Pete, our Rwandan foreman, to buy several materials and pick up Alison from the airport. Up to that point, we had stuck to our aggressive project timeline, but after a few […]

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Check Out New Posts and Photos!

Hey everyone, thanks for being patient in waiting for hydropower blog updates. Internet in Banda is obviously not the best, but I just completed my stay in Rwanda a week ago and am now traveling in Europe with some legitimate Internet. I’ll be putting up several new posts to get you all caught up, and […]

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Impact Analysis

  About two weeks ago, Alison and I (with the help of Jeremiah, Pete, and Pascal) began surveying local community members about the impact of the hydro sites on their lives and on Banda as a whole. Surveying has had its up and downs, but in general, it’s been the best part of the trip […]

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Bibles and Batteries

Today, I attended church for the fourth time in my life.   Last night, Alison and I wrote notices that we would be holding a meeting for battery owners this Wednesday to talk about impact and suggestions for how our sites could be improved. These notices were distributed to church leaders in Banda to be […]

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Civils: Solutions for Erosion

Alison landed in Kigali on Wednesday, and Joey, Max, and Pete, our foreman, left Banda at 4:30AM that morning to go pick her up and go on a materials run. Mountains surround Banda on all sides, and accessing the main road involves a two hour, steep uphill hike up the side of one of the […]

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The nights in Banda are quiet and dark. On the deep blue backdrop of the sky, lamp lights from the distant hills blink like stars. Batteries, charged by our hydropower sites, power these lamps. During the past week, our electrical team has tested and examined the current electrical systems at both Nyiragasigo and Kigogo sites. […]

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