Mission Statement

The Bioenergy Project tackles the problem of providing ecologically and socially viable energy sources through the creation of briquettes and loose biomass stoves.

Current Operations

CookstovesThe project consists of designing efficient cookstoves, forming briquettes, and researching feasible means to obtain locally sourced, energy efficient resources. In developing countries, respiratory infections due to indoor cooking with inefficient stoves are one of the leading causes of death. With our technologies, DHE has traveled to Tanzania to provide locals with access to efficient stoves and alternative fuel sources. Our technologies include the rocket stove, which uses less firewood and produces less smoke than the traditional three-stone stove; the loose biomass stove, which uses agricultural waste such as coffee husks and sawdust as fuel sources to yield a clean burn; and briquetting, which involves grinding and pressing a mix of waste plant materials that can subsequently be burned in any type of stove.

To ensure that our work can be maintained in-country after our team returns to Hanover, a large part of our work involves educating villagers about efficient energy. DHE hopes that by teaching locals and providing them with well-made stoves, they can pass the information to others in the community.

Cookstoves briquettingLooking toward the future, the Bioenergy Project is continuing to test stove designs and briquetting mixtures. Furthermore, the team is exploring how best to distribute these products. We are currently exploring partnerships with local NGOs that can help us disseminate the stoves, and we plan to teach local entrepreneurs how to make the briquetting mixtures so that they can operate locally sustainable businesses.

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