The Mahjouba Project works with artist Eric Van Hove in Marrakech, Morocco to design a fully electric moped to be built by Moroccan craftsmen. The team has been working since the Spring of 2017, when Van Hove approached DHE in search of help with the engineering and design of his proposed electric moped.

The Mahjouba Project team has twice had the incredible opportunity to visit Marrakech, Morocco and work with Van Hove and his team of skilled craftsmen. The first trip in the Summer of 2017 was focused on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the craftsmen’s skills and materials. While there, the team also designed prototypes for the transmission and braking systems of the moped based on the local resources and the craftsmen’s strengths. The second trip occurred over the Spring Break of 2018. DHE team members participated in a Mahjouba-focused think tank with professors, artists, business students, and politicians from around the world.

DHE’s role in the Mahjouba Project is now mainly focused on performing longevity and efficiency testing for the moped’s transmission system.

  • DHE members share lunch with Van Hove's team of craftsmen.