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Pyrolyzer Work Team Makes First Moves

A small group meet this afternoon to work on the pyrolyzer. Tasks completed: primary door was made and intended location was marked on barrel holes and round stock was prepared for the grate support to suspend the biomass above the primary air door holes for secondary air were marked with future hole modifications in mind […]

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The Drums are In

The Bioenergy Project recently received its delivery for four 55-gallon steel drums for the purposes of making compost tumblers and pyrolysis kilns. The are currently safe and sound in Thayer’s large frame lab but will soon be met with plasma torches and drills next week after our new members have gone through machine safety training. […]

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Bioenergy Project Winter 2013

The Bioenergy Project is off to a great start this winter term! The fall served as a time of reflection and strategic planning after our back-to-back spring and summer trips. Now that we are on campus for 2013, we are charging ahead with renewed focus on improving our biomass briquetting program and developing biochar production […]

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